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The Best ChatGPT Prompt You Should Try For More Useful Results

The Best ChatGPT Prompt You Should Try For More Useful Results


Something that not everyone understands about AI-powered chatbots is that they can’t precisely parse language — at least, not the way humans do. You could say something to someone with completely garbled syntax, but they’d still get what you’re trying to convey after thinking about it for a moment. An AI, though, is trained to understand language based on strict rules and textbook definitions, so when you input something that doesn’t strictly adhere to those definitions, it may not fully understand you.

To really get the most out of an AI like ChatGPT, you need to think like an AI and tailor your inputs as such. Rather than just saying what you want to say as you’d normally say it, you need to format your input kind of like a formula, placing relevant information in a specific order to maximize the odds that ChatGPT will parse everything the way you want it to. 

App Of The Day on YouTube has done just that, as they found a synthesized method of prompting ChatGPT to give the most coherent and concise answers to your questions.

The perfect formula

AIs like ChatGPT see the world in terms of formulas and data sets. Everything needs to fit in several neat packages in order to ensure that the AI properly understands the things you say in the correct order you say it. It’s easy to forget the rules of sentence structure, with subjects and predicates and all that, but to create the ideal input, you have to map it out in your head.

According to App of the Day, the ideal ChatGPT input is made up of four distinct elements: the context, the specifics, the intent or goal, and response format.

For the context, state the reason you are seeking the information you want. For instance, let’s say you wanted to know about streaming services for your family. You may say “I am a parent of a child interested in streaming services.” This gives ChatGPT an idea of what you need the information for, so that it can answer questions with the most relevancy to the person asking it.

For the specifics and intent, say exactly what you want and what for. What about streaming services are you interested in? You could say “What are the most popular streaming services for child-safe content?” Finally, for the format, state how you want the information presented. In this case, you would say “Write it as a bulleted list.” This keeps ChatGPT from providing excess or unrelated information.

Remembering that four-part order of operations should net you an excellent response.

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