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Panasonic unveils new HCC-R600A smart wardrobe for cleaning and ironing

Panasonic unveils new HCC-R600A smart wardrobe for cleaning and ironing

The Panasonic HCC-R600A smart wardrobe will launch in Japan this August. (Image source: Panasonic)

The Panasonic HCC-R600A smart wardrobe has been revealed in Japan and will go on sale this August. The device can clean and iron clothes, with hot air and steam used to deodorize, dry, and remove wrinkles. After hanging your garments in the wardrobe, you can select from various modes using touch controls.

Panasonic has unveiled the HCC-R600A smart wardrobe in Japan. You can use the gadget to deodorize and remove pollen and viruses from clothes and smooth out wrinkles and dry garments after washing. To use the smart wardrobe, hang the clothes you wish to sterilize or dry inside, then use a built-in touch panel to select your settings.

The Panasonic HCC-R600A uses steam and a heat pump to clean and smooth garments, with only the airflow used to refresh clothes. The company suggests this makes the gadget vibration less and, therefore, quieter, meaning you can use it in your bedroom while you sleep. If you wish to use the steam option, you must manually load clean water into and clear wastewater from the device. Panasonic suggests that the smart wardrobe is suitable for delicate garments, and you can purchase a pants press add-on.

Two models are offered, the right-hand hinge HCC-R600AR and the left-hand hinge HCC-R600AL. The device is 45 cm (~17.7-in) wide and has a mirrored surface. The gadgets will go on sale in Japan this August for 328,680 yen (~US$2,294), with shipping due to begin within two months. It is unclear whether or when the product could reach other markets. 

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