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NFTs will move towards an attention economy in the future

Why does all this matter? Because I think NFTs (non-fungible tokens) represent your attention in the form of a financial commodity. Unlike text messages or spam, if an NFT has a financial price associated with it, then you pay attention to it and double-check it. And as more and more brands release NFT, the cost of each NFT may approach zero, but we are currently in the experimental stage of NFT, which means that brands are trying all relevant methods and means: want NFT A patterned hoodie? Adidas is doing this for members of the Boring Ape Yacht Club. Want to use NFTs as a lifetime pass for concerts? FTX is helping Coachella do just that. What about the NFT as proof of class? POAP has been helping event organizers do just that. Therefore, the possibilities for NFTs are endless. But to understand where the future development direction of NFT is, we need to know how we got to this stage step by step.

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