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Is COPIUM the Hottest Meme Coin to Invest in? Records 73% Price Growth in 7 Days, Outshining DOGE, SHIB, and Pepe

Is COPIUM the Hottest Meme Coin to Invest in? Records 73% Price Growth in 7 Days, Outshining DOGE, SHIB, and Pepe

At this stage, we are wondering if the meme coin gold rush ever ends. Copium Coin ($COPIUM) is the latest in a fairly long line of the best meme coins to see some market success. However, how real is this meme coin, can it replicate the success of some of the bigger meme coins or is this just another project that will burn brightly before fading?

There are some underlying factors to Copium Coin that might indicate it can outshine a lot of its rivals in the meme coin market.

The aim of every new meme project is to replicate the success of Pepe Coin (PEPE) and then have the staying power of Dogecoin (DOGE) and Shiba Inu (SHIB).

A lot to ask of a new project but the recent performance of these coins may give $COPIUM a chance.

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Copium Already Outperforming the Meme Coin ‘Big Three’ 

The market is going through a purple patch at the moment, so most currencies are up all over the board. So when examining the fortunes of Dogecoin (DOGE), Shiba Inu (SHIB), and Pepe Coin (PEPE), investors need to practice caution.

A look at their last few day’s performance charts, and you would think they are all performing great.

However, stretch that out to the performance over the last 30 days, and you will see a much different story.

All three meme coins have seen a steady decline in price, and even though they have enjoyed a good start to this week, they still haven’t come close to getting back up to the level they were 30 days ago.

Doge and SHIB, in particular, have been enjoying a very poor last few months. It is possible this is just because of investor fatigue. New projects like Copium Coin are just more attractive now after years of investors having very little choice.

Whereas PEPE seems to fall into the category of one of those coins that burned brightly but faded.

Now that is probably too much of a generalization as its pump was one of the biggest the market has ever seen, and it is still in the top 100 cryptos when it comes to market cap, which means it could still have potential.

However, we think there are clear market indicators that investors are moving away from these three meme coins. Although they still all remain in the top 100 cryptos, this also works against them. Meme coins are notoriously volatile.

This can be both positive or negative, of course, but if your meme coin has a high market cap, you’re limiting the potential your investment has.

This is why meme coins tend to fade; it can be a disadvantage when they get too popular. Investors will continue to turn to the new shiny toy in the market and at this moment in time, we believe it is Copium Coin.

How Far Can Copium Coin Pump? 

We think a lot of readers probably read these pieces because they want to find the next coin that could pump like PEPE. The problem with this is there are no real concrete lessons we can take from PEPE. It seemed to pump out of nowhere.

So, it is difficult to try to replicate what the project did, although that hasn’t stopped projects from trying.

All of these have failed as of now, which is why we like Copium Coins ($COPIUM) strategy, don’t follow a trend, set it. They employed some very interesting tactics in their presale that we think have attracted people to the meme coin.

For example, there were no figures available for the presale as it was invite-only. Potential investors could get invited by interacting with the social accounts, by showing their interest as early as possible, or by making a meme that impressed the creators.

We crypto enthusiasts aren’t the most complicated people, and one thing we love is scarcity. Even if you did get an invite to the presale, you could only buy a max amount of 1 ETH worth of $COPIUM. So not only is there a barrier to entry, but then there’s a max purchase.

This was always sure to rile up interest in the community as both privacy and scarcity are some things investors will go crazy for.

Since its listings began, the price of $COPIUM has been quite volatile, pumping by 73% and then coming back down but crucially never dipping below its original listing price.

This is a positive sign for the long-run success of the project, as it is very common for a meme coin’s price to tank on opening. 

The anti-dumping policies they have employed are clearly working and thus make the project a safer meme coin to invest in than most others on the market. Lastly, and arguably most importantly, is the meme that Copium Coin is based on.

Copium is one of the favorite memes of crypto lovers on social media. It is usually used for trolling, when someone is upset about something, another user will reply with the meme, basically telling them to cope.

The Copium Coin project embraces the troll beginnings of this meme and understands it’s all in good fun. If we can draw any comparisons to PEPE, this meme is certainly one, as it is beloved by the crypto community, and that alone can cause a major pump.


To wrap it up, Copium Coin has shown some great early indicators that it could be the hottest meme coin to invest in right now. Of course, with meme coins, the landscape can change so quickly, so we always preach caution. 

However, the market is going through a good patch, and even the three big meem coins that were struggling are enjoying a green period.

$COPIUM has the potential to outperform all of them, so it will be very interesting to see how the rest of the week pans out.

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