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Introducing Crypto Whale Pumps: Your Go-To Signals Provider for Shitcoin Trends

Introducing Crypto Whale Pumps: Your Go-To Signals Provider for Shitcoin Trends

Every investor in the crypto market is looking for their next edge. The crypto market is the most volatile of all the risk markets which brings with it positives and negatives. It means investors can become rich overnight but also that their investments can disappear just as quickly.

Finding consistently successful traders to tail can be difficult, that is when a group like ‘Crypto Whale Pumps’ comes along it is all the more special. This is a new telegram group that has had remarkable success finding coins to invest in right before they pump.

The best example of this was when they suggested investing in Wagner Inu right before it pumped 600%. In crypto, we see a lot of traders and influencers trying to jump on the hottest bandwagon of the week. Very rarely do you find an individual or group that does their own critical research and finds projects before they are known to the wider public. This is what makes the group so special 

Crypto Whale Pumps can be found on Telegram and are even free to use which feels too good to be true. Of course, they are not right about everything as no one is in this market so be careful and do your own research alongside theirs to find out what coins you wish to tail with them. 

Their specialty is find the most promising shitcoins. For those that don’t know these are coins that don’t have much utility or use. That does not mean they will not pump or they are useless, in fact, these coins are normally the ones that pump the most and the fastest due to their low market cap.

The group tends to focus on the new crypto and the best ICOs as these projects have the most room to go. A lot of meme coins fall under the shitcoin title and they have been a favorite of the group so far. We have three meme coins we think will likely end up in the Crypto Whale Pumps group sooner than later.

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Wall Street Memes – The king of Meme Coins? 

The first meme coin on our list might actually be too obvious for Crypto Whales Pumps to recommend because, by now most people are already aware of Wall Street Memes ($WSM). However, that does not mean they should not be mentioned as its pump could still be massive if everything continues at the rate it currently is.

The presale is just a month old but is already closing in on $11 million raised thanks to its virality but more importantly its huge community. Readers will be familiar with Dogecoin and Shiba Inu because they are the two biggest meme coins, how they got there was mostly thanks to building a community of loyal followers.

Wall Street Memes already have this built-in because of their massive online presence. They have well over 1 million followers across their social media accounts which includes 238k on Twitter and they also receive over 40 million impressions a month. This community has been loyal so far and if it continues the sky’s the limit for this meme coin.

Crypto Whale Pumps have made lots of great predictions but so has Google’s new AI chatbot, Bard. Already replacing ChatGPT as crypto investor’s favorite AI, it is a big fan of the potential of Wall Street Memes. When asked to make a prediction on how the meme coin will perform in 2023 it forecasted that it could pump 352% from its original meme coin price. 

Even the conservative amongst us have to acknowledge the signs are good for this new shitcoin. Find out how to buy Wall Street Memes here.

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Copium Coin- Recent Pump Could put this Coin on The CWP Radar 

Copium Coin ($COPIUM) is a shitcoin much more likely to appear in the Crypto Whale Pumps group. This is because it is likely yet to fulfill its potential but there are early indicators that it could soon. Its price has fluctuated recently but its pumping stages do indicate there is some resilience there.

The project seems to have a smart crowd behind it too. Clever tactics so far include a private presale and an NFT airdrop which both raised awareness. Ingenuity is always a trait to seek out in your crypto investment so a presale that only lets you join if you interact with the project on social media and help them spread the word is always going to attract clever investors.

The project also understands the importance of scarcity in the crypto market. One burning event already caused a pump and there are more planned in the future. We expect Copium Coin to pop up in the Crypto Whale Pumps group soon, likely before the next burning event. Read our full COPIUM Price Prediction here.

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Spongebob Token- Price Revival Suggests Big Things in Future 

Spongebob Token ($SPONGE) is another perfect example of a shitcoin you will likely see on the Crypto Whale Pumps telegram soon. It was once the darling of groups like this after people were searching for the next coin to replicate Pepe Coin (PEPE).

It came from nowhere and pumped by 1200% (double the group’s best recommendation!) but then unfortunately a bearish market stopped it in its tracks. A brief price revival is underway and it could easily replicate the form that once saw it get PEPE comparisons.

The key thing Spongebob Token ($SPONGE) has going for it is simply its meme. Spongbob memes are nearly a currency for online culture by now. It is the most popular show to use for memes and this one in particular is beloved by the crypto community. This community is huge online and gives $SPOINGE a built-in community that can help it pump at any time.

Observing the market price and groups like Crypto Whale Pumps will let you know when is the best time to get involved with projects like Spongebob Token and that time seems to be approaching.

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Trading groups on Telegram are plentiful, to say the least, so finding one like Crypto Whale Pumps is a rare and valuable find. They won’t always be right of course but their strike rate so far shows those running it know what they are doing. The three coins we have discussed above all fit the group’s profile so expect to see them there soon.

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