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Every Major Gaming Keyboard Brand Ranked Worst To Best

Every Major Gaming Keyboard Brand Ranked Worst To Best

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When it comes to gaming (and particularly PC gaming), having the right equipment can make a significant difference in performance and overall gaming experience. Among the many gaming peripherals available, the keyboard stands as one of the most essential tools for any dedicated gamer. A quality gaming keyboard can double as a primary communication device as well as a controller, so there is plenty of value in having the right one. With an array of options from various brands, it becomes crucial to assess the strengths and weaknesses of all brands to make the most informed choice possible when the time comes to invest in a new keyboard.

Of course, the major brands on both ends of the spectrum share many similar traits. Top brands typically deliver on performance, customization, and innovation, and bundle their core features with other key components such as durability and ease of use. A good gaming keyboard ultimately provides consumers with a seamless and immersive gaming experience, allowing for lightning-fast key inputs and precise control, enhancing their competitive edge and overall fun factor. Weaker gaming keyboard brands may contain many of the same traits while lacking in one or two key areas such as durability or latency. However, it is also worth noting that many of these brands have gained popularity among gamers for a reason.

Read on to learn about 12 major gaming keyboard brands ranked from worst to best.

12. Cloud Nine

Cloud Nine, or Cloud Nine Ergo, is brand new on the scene relative to its competitors, but it stands out thanks to its insistence on ergonomic products. According to the company’s website, the brand aspires to be the very best manufacturer of gaming and office ergonomic products. Ergonomic keyboards are designed to prioritize comfort and efficiency, but their unorthodox look and feel may not be for everybody. Additionally, there may be a slight learning curve for anyone just picking up one of these keyboards, as it is one of the few keyboard companies on the market whose landmark product comes in two detachable halves.

The ErgoFS (Ergonomic Split Mechanical Keyboard), has several distinct features. The idea behind separating the two halves of the keyboard is to increase the user’s level of comfort and lessen the likelihood of hand and wrist cramps. Additionally, the keyboard’s seven degrees of tenting lends itself to increased wrist support, and the mechanical switches will also be a “plus” for many. But despite these good intentions, ergonomic keyboards are not for everybody, particularly those who prefer the natural look and feel of a standard keyboard. However, if any of the gaming keyboard heavyweights ever decide to prioritize ergonomic keyboards, they could be fighting an uphill battle against Cloud Nine’s design and competitive pricing.

11. Kinesis

Like Cloud Nine, Kinesis is another company that prioritizes ergonomic gaming keyboards. However, Kinesis has an edge on Cloud Nine thanks to its experience in the space, having been a company for over 20 years, firmly establishing its gaming division in 2016. As Kinesis gained traction, it formed a partnership with the Overwatch League’s San Francisco Shock to put its TKO Tournament Keyboard on one of the grandest stages in esports. 

The TKO is one of the company’s two flagship keyboards, and though it is branded as a “tournament keyboard,” it also happens to be the more conventional of the two. Kinesis’ other major product, the Freestyle Edge RGB, is a split keyboard that is ergonomically designed for comfort and efficiency. This keyboard also uses Cherry MX mechanical switches, offering four different options for those looking to invest. The TKO, meanwhile, uses ergonomics in different ways while also giving consumers a choice of one of three Kailh Box mechanical switches. 

Some may prefer the ergonomic design of the Freestyle Edge RGB to the TKO, but gamers can rest easy knowing they have a choice with Kinesis’ gaming keyboards. Kineses also boasts the more affordable gaming keyboard compared to Cloud Nine, with the TKO checking in at $125.00 and the Freestyle Edge RGB coming in at $219.

10. Patriot Memory

Patriot Memory, a company native to the Bay Area, has been in the space for almost 40 years, specializing in high-performance memory modules, flash memory, mobile accessories, and gaming equipment.​ Viper, meanwhile, is the gaming brand of Patriot Memory. First established in 2007, Viper’s product catalog expanded to include gaming keyboards, headsets, and mice in 2015. The company’s calling card in gaming keyboards is its diverse array of solutions tuned to the needs of gamers of all kinds. Patriot and Viper products can help competitive gamers looking to gain an edge over the competition, but also do not leave casual gamers out in the cold.

Patriot and Viper are currently selling three types of gaming keyboards: the V330, V370, and V365. The V365 is the bulkiest of the three, equipped with a durable aluminum chassis and a magnetic detachable palm rest for comfort and support. The V330 and V370, meanwhile, are designed more with casual gamers in mind, as well as those looking to dip their toes into competitive gaming. 

However, while these keyboards are affordable, effective, and durable, they do lack some advanced features relative to their competitors, such as dedicated media controls, additional programmable macro keys, and some of the ergonomic features of previously mentioned brands. All three Patriot keyboards can be bought for under $100 on Amazon.


ASUS is a company that likely needs no introduction. ASUS, short for “ASUSTeK Computer Inc.,” is a Taiwanese company that over its 34-year history has become an industry-leading manufacturer of laptops, desktop computers, smartphones, networking equipment. ASUS also makes peripherals for gamers, including its line of gaming keyboards. But while these keyboards are generally solid compared to competitors, they are branded under the specialty RoG (Republic of Gamers) brand and can be relatively expensive, especially when given the number of features and the quality of the keyboard.

One positive for the ASUS RoG brand of gaming keyboards, however, is the product diversity. While the RoG Azoth stands out as the kingpin of ASUS keyboards for its form factor, customizability and advanced features, gamers could just as easily be satisfied with something from the RoG Strix Scope NX TKL series, which often comes in at half the price. 

The RoG brand is more than just a name, though. The gaming division of one of the leading computing manufacturers in modern times tailors its products to gamers and is not short on gaming-specific features, such as customizable RGB lighting, dedicated macro keys, and profile storage. However, with keyboards such as the RoG Azoth and Claymore II costing upwards of $250, gamers will need to make sure they need everything the product has to offer. In many cases, gamers might just be better off taking a chance on a smaller company with a more dedicated approach to gaming keyboards in particular.


ROCCAT deviates from some of the other gaming keyboard brands already mentioned in that it is German-owned. Formed in 2007, ROCCAT specializes in all kinds of PC peripherals with a focus specifically tailored to esports. In 2019, the company merged with Turtle Beach, another popular company specializing in gaming headsets. In doing so, ROCCAT became Turtle Beach’s official PC gaming accessories brand. The company currently offers 20 different gaming keyboards for sale on its website and will even throw in a free Sense Icon XL mousepad with qualifying orders.

One thing working against ROCCAT’s line of gaming keyboards is a limited range of switch options compared to other brands. This might be a non-starter for gamers who have specific preferences for certain switch characteristics, such as actuation force or noise level. Switch variety is also not available in all of ROCCAT’s gaming keyboards. The Vulcan II Max, for example, gives consumers the option between linear and tactile switches, but otherwise leaves virtually no room for customization outside of a black or white option. 

Key switches aside, the Vulcan II Max is still a great high-end keyboard for its dedicated media controls, expanded profile support and translucent palm rest (which is also detachable). It can be yours for $229.99 on the ROCCAT website.

7. Mountain

Mountain is among the fastest-growing brands in the space and has recently received critical acclaim for its various products. The company touts its innovative premium hardware and software, and strives to provide gamers and content creators everything they need to excel. Mountain’s modular design is one of its defining characteristics, as these keyboards are easily among the most customizable on the market. With that flexibility comes the ability to buy replacement parts, switches, and other keyboard accessories through the company’s website, lending to a more fun and efficient experience.

Mountain keyboards are known for their premium construction and attention to detail. The keyboards often feature a robust aluminum frame, which not only enhances durability but also adds a sleek and elegant aesthetic to the overall design. The Everest Max, Mountain’s most premium offering, also has a unique look and feel to it that could turn heads among gamers less familiar with the brand. However, Mountain’s status as a newer brand, not to mention its premium prices, may cause it to be less accessible to many gamers. Its build quality and easily customizable nature could still make it a worthy investment for those less concerned with prices, though. 

6. HyperX

HyperX is a company that strives to serve as many masters as possible. While its line of gaming headsets continues to be its most popular gaming accessory, the company boasts an equally solid offering of gaming keyboards. HyperX keyboards have gained popularity among gamers for their solid performance, durability, and gamer-centric features. One such standout feature is the brand’s anti-ghosting and N-key rollover, which ensures accurate input recognition even during fast-paced gameplay. Some HyperX keyboards also offer dedicated media keys, customizable macros, and profile storage similar to many of the company’s competitors.

HyperX is also known for the metallic look of its keyboards which also lends to the product’s overall durability. Even still, the company is able to offer a diverse range of keyboards catering to different user preferences and budgets. There are currently 23 different keyboards for sale on the HyperX website, and the company’s willingness to appeal to as many types of consumers as possible ensures that gamers can find a keyboard that suits their specific requirements, whether for competitive gaming, portability, or compact setups. 

While the vast majority of HyperX’s keyboard options are affordable, most lack some of the more specialized features like dedicated macro keys or extensive software customization found in more high-end options. Nevertheless, a solid balance between performance and affordability keeps HyperX among the top gaming keyboard manufacturers in the space.

5. Wooting

Wooting is a Dutch gaming keyboard company known mostly for its use of analog switches in its products, as well as having some of the lowest latency keyboards on the market. The analog makeup provides users with precise and variable control based on key pressure. Unlike many brands on this list that specialize in PC accessories on a more macro scale, Wooting is a company specifically tailored to keyboards, so consumers can take satisfaction knowing these keyboards are conceived by people who are unequivocal experts on the subject.

It is worth mentioning Wooten’s keyboards are also known for their durability and portability. The Wooting 60HE comes with a detachable strap on the left side, allowing players to take the keyboard to tournaments without necessarily having to spend on an expensive carrying case. Wooting also allows users to remap keys, adjust actuation points, and create macros to tailor the keyboard to their preferences. However, the analog nature of these keyboards is not infallible. The technology may require software support from games or applications to fully utilize the analog capabilities, a core feature of the board. While an increasing number of games support analog input, compatibility may vary depending on the specific titles. 

Regardless, Wooting’s gaming keyboards offer plenty of value to the consumer, with the Wooting 60HE selling for around $219.99 on the company’s website.

4. Razer

Razer is as prominent and well-established of a brand as any in the gaming industry, particularly when it comes to gaming accessories. The company’s line of gaming keyboards has plenty to like about them. They are durable and offer a plethora of options for switches, including their own proprietary switches such as the Razer Green, Orange, and Yellow varieties. Many of Razer’s keyboards are also wireless, with up to 50 hours of battery life. Given the immense variety of keyboards for sale on the company’s website, all gamers should be able to find a Razer keyboard with an aesthetic look that best suits them. These are ultimately some of the best-looking gaming keyboards on the market.

One of the biggest pros to Razer’s gaming keyboards is also one of its biggest cons, however. Razer keyboards are designed to integrate seamlessly with other products within the Razer ecosystem. The Razer Synapse software allows users to synchronize settings and lighting effects across multiple Razer devices, creating a unified gaming experience. And as much as it makes sense for a company’s products to work best with other products from the same company, those who are looking to invest in a keyboard but do not own other Razer products could be missing out. Additionally, the pricing of some of Razer’s keyboards, like the DeathStalker V2 Pro, may cause some to look the other way. However, those who aren’t constrained by a budget will enjoy Razer’s line of keyboards, particularly if they are already a fan of other Razer products.

3. SteelSeries

SteelSeries has been manufacturing PC accessories for over 20 years and is well-established in the space, particularly when it comes to gaming keyboards. These are typically some of the sturdiest keyboards on the market and come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes tailored to the needs of the consumer. These keyboards have few known weaknesses, and there is a little something for everybody. 

While the Apex Pro TKL comes packed with OmniPoint 2.0 adjustable switches — with 11 times quicker response, 10 times swifter actuation, and an OLED display designed to deliver information from games and apps — the best-selling Apex 3 comes with a magnetic wrist rest, providing full palm support and added comfort.

SteelSeries has additional credibility thanks to its various partnerships with those in the gaming community. For example, SteelSeries has partnered with multiple esports teams, including FaZe Clan, Team OG and Spacestation Gaming, providing them with official SteelSeries products to use in their winning pursuits. The company claims that professional players have won more prize money using SteelSeries products than any other brand. 

This may not matter to the casual gamer, but luckily, SteelSeries has plenty of affordable products available that are adequately stripped versions of the company’s higher-end keyboards. The Apex 3 can be had for between $45 and $70 depending on specifications and add-ons, while the Apex Pro TKL checks in at a more expensive, albeit competitive $189.99.

2. Logitech

The Logitech name will sound familiar to most. Founded in Switzerland in 1981, Logitech stands out as a leading brand in the technology industry, offering a wide range of peripherals and accessories, including but not limited to gaming keyboards. The company checks every box necessary for becoming a powerful gaming keyboard brand, but unlike many of its competitors, it also has a strong reputation to fall back on. Logitech has a strong track record of delivering high-quality products and innovative solutions and thus has earned itself a loyal customer base.

Logitech G, the company’s gaming subdivision, has done an excellent job of tailoring its products to its consumer base: gamers. Anti-ghosting, programmable macros and dedicated media keys are just a few of the features that make this brand not only competitive, but dominant in the space. If there is one downside to Logitech gaming keyboards, it might be their keycap quality. Some have complained of a lack of durability, though Logitech has those users covered with additional keycaps available for purchase online. The G713, one of the company’s most popular gaming keyboards in its G-Series, can be purchased for $149.99, while the G915 can be as expensive as $249.99 for its linear version. 

1. Corsair

Corsair is known for its solid line of accessories and aftermarket parts, and its impressive line of gaming keyboards is no exception to its standards. While determining the “best” gaming keyboard brand is a subjective matter, Corsair is a company widely recognized as one of the leading manufacturers of the peripheral, known for high-quality products with an extensive range of features. Corsair’s edge over the rest of the market has a great deal to do with its enormous catalog of dozens of keyboards, which truly offers a gaming keyboard for every type of gamer.

While Corsair’s saturation of the gaming keyboard market could also be seen as the company spreading itself too thin, the company does not seem to be sacrificing quality for quantity. They are well put together, offer a wide variety of high-quality switches for consumers to choose from, and contain all the must-have gaming features, respective to the wants and needs of the consumer. Additionally, Corsair takes a page out of Razer’s playbook by featuring software integration that enables the keyboard to cooperate with other Corsair accessories and software. 

While on the pricier end of the spectrum, the K100 AIR and K100 RGB are two of the finest gaming keyboards on the market for the utility they offer. The K100 AIR tops out at $279.99, but more budget-conscious consumers who still want the comfort of investing in a top brand can pick up the K60 PRO model for under $100.

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