• Market Cap: $1,229,961,306,559.46
  • 24h Vol: $70,126,865,498.23
  • BTC Dominance: 44.96%

Cryptocurrency vigilance of Russian Oligarchs after sanction decisions!

According to the report by Bloomberg, the sanctions and embargo decisions of the USA and the EU have increased the tendency of Russian billionaires to turn to the crypto money market. The exclusion of Russian banks from the global money transfer system SWIFT raised this possibility even more.

Crypto assets, which came to the fore especially with the pandemic, continue to enter the world market by increasing their volume day by day. At the same time, crypto assets, which came to the fore with the war between Russia and Ukraine, increased with the perception of Russian oligarchs to trust themselves.

Therefore, it is not yet at a level to replace normal assets. At the same time, the fact that their use is in very limited areas, and the fact that these assets are not in every area, naturally limits their use. In other words, although it is a value storage tool to be considered as an alternative in extraordinary situations, it is not yet at the desired level when its volume, size and areas of use are considered.

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