• Market Cap: $1,230,735,918,856.88
  • 24h Vol: $70,262,163,626.98
  • BTC Dominance: 44.98%

After Putin’s statement that the “flight ban would be a declaration of war”, the decline in Bitcoin still continues

With the increase in violence in the Russia-Ukraine war, the escape from risky assets and the orientation to safe assets accelerated. Cryptocurrencies, which are risky assets, were also negatively affected by this wave. While Bitcoin prices have been in a downward trend for 4 days; In today’s transactions, it fell to the limit of 39 thousand dollars. Bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrency, sees the highest $39,624 and the lowest $38,760 today; Ethereum is trading around $2,664.
While the question of whether the Russian oligarchs’ interest in the crypto world will continue is a matter of discussion on social media, it is also a matter of curiosity how long this decline in Bitcoin will last.

While there was no result from the meeting of the Russia-Ukraine delegation, the fire at the nuclear power plant after the attacks triggered everyone, and the crypto money also decreased. Then, after Putin’s “declaration of war” statement regarding the closure of Ukraine’s airspace, the decline in the Cryptocurrency market continues. You can follow the ups and downs of instant cryptocurrencies on our site and you can trade at Click Here, one of the best cryptocurrency exchanges!

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